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ADS will customize its services to wrap around the client's needs to provide the best possible flexible environment for growth.

ADS was incorporated in 1979 as a full service distribution company

Servicing the Cosmetics, Health and Beauty, Fragrance and many more Industries.


Years in Business

1 mil.

Square Feet


Facilities in NY/NJ

About Advanced Distribution Systems, Inc.

  • Client Services
    Client Services

    ADS will dedicate an Account Executive to operate as the client's representative at ADS. Your account executive is a single point of contact person that can assist with all routine inquiries and provide meaningful responses on a timely basis. Management members are always available to discuss new business needs & requirements.

  • Mission
    Our Mission

    Anticipating the need for an outsource for small and medium sized companies in the industry, ADS was established to take over the operational portion of the clients' business thus allowing them to concentrate their full attention on their core competency, mainly Sales and Marketing. By writing one check per month, they are able to discharge a myriad of duties.

  • Facilities
    Our Facilities

    Each facility is staffed with an operations manager, a warehouse manager, line supervisors and office staff (Account Executives). All senior positions report to the President through a Director of Operations.

    Everyone at ADS understands and appreciates the single SKU we provide is service. We take pride in the reputation that we enjoy with all of our clients. We fully understand the competitive environment that our clients face in the retail markets and pledge ourselves to only enhance their ability to succeed.

  • ORder Processing
    Order Processing

    Our IT system has the capacity to accept and process thousands of orders per day from multiple sources that include, EDI, AS2, web based orders, and direct entry from on site and remote locations. We can service business-to-business as well as business to consumers.

    Our system is able to interface with most remote systems and import or export data via flat files. We offer various options for connectivity with our clients. EDI can be processed utilizing the ADS mailbox or through the client's mailbox. This requires a detailed discussion with IT personnel to arrive at the best solution.

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