Leveraging Technology
  • Full WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Barcode scanning in all aspects of operation
  • Symbol/Motorola RF scanners
  • 2D scanning capability for lot control or gray market/diversion tracking
  • Pick to Light for high speed picking and accuracy
  • Automated processes for generating UCC/GS1-128 compliance and shippipng labels
EDI Encoding Formats
  • X12 - Mostly used in North America
  • EDIFACT - Favored by European businesses
  • XML - New technology which is gaining acceptance
  • Custom formats per your specifications
  • Inovis / OpenText / GXS VAN - Most trading partners utilize a network such as this
  • AS2/AS3 - ADS uses industry leading software to provide seamless support
  • FTP variants including FTPS and SFTP - Low cost industry standard direct connections between host systems
Accounting & Inventory Management
  • Manage your business using our integrated system - we have capability to report on cost of goods sold, sales forecast, lost sales, profitability by customer, etc.
  • Get daily inventory updates
  • Create projections, view shipment histories
  • Track shipments, view order fulfillment status
  • Extract data into Excel spreadsheets
  • Set up daily custom extracts which are made available for file pickup or e-mailed directly to you
Fully Integrated EDI Capability
  • EDI provides a structured way of sharing information between businesses
  • Allows easy & accurate transmission of orders, invoices, confirmations
  • Allows your business to work with many department stores which require this service
  • Used by retailers to order merchandies from vendors with a virtual catalog (QRS/GXS, EDI 832 document
  • UCC-128 compliance labels are generated directly from our systems
  • Click here to see EDI Trading Partners we worked with
Security & Remote Access
  • Remote access for our cusomters via Static IP or encrypted VPN
  • Integration with Encrypted SFTP file exchange, AS2 IDOC integration for SAP, ED 940/945, and Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, etc).
  • Secured terminal access allows you direct insight into your business

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